Exact Z scale (1:220th) military models


If you want some accurate military hardware for your Z scale layout then you’ve come to the right place - in fact the ONLY place!

I make military models in precise 1:220th scale specifically for use with my Z scale model railway collection and layouts. Most of the models are cast in a light grey plastic which has ideal properties; it is light yet strong. Being light (each tank weighs about 3 grammes) allows the tanks to be put on Z scale wagons and pulled by locomotives.


Now FINALLY completed...the full K5 railgun train set...the K5, 7 wagons making up the "combat train", diesel locomotive and supply lorries









Now completed...a working model of the Panzertriebwagen nr.16

Available NOW in 3 versions: Powered by Marklin, powered by Rokuham or unpowered! Please email for details.

Presented in a box set, with a numbered brass plaque and quality presentation leaflet.




Exclusive models for AZL (American Z Lines)




Current Model Range

Panzerjäger triebwagen 51

Model features:

4 metal axles, 2 bogies, Marklin couplers. Separately applied metal buffers and steel side ladders.

Twin rotating turrets, guns elevate and depress, turret skirts etched in stainless steel. P.O.A.

Panzerjagerwagen (for the BP44 - later version of the Panzerzug -

these replaced the Abstosswagens)

GMC 6x6 Cargo                                                      HMMVV


Tiger 1E


Gepard (AA tank)



Bergepanzer 2                                                               Leopard 1A4



 Leopard 1                                                               Leopard 1A1



 Leopard 1A5                                                               Sdkfz9 "FAMO"



MAN 4X4                                                                            MAN 6X6



 UNIMOG 1300 





Railgun 280mm K5. German WW2.

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Armoured train BP42. German WW2.

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Panzerspahwagen. German WW2 armoured railcars.


  Pzh2000 - modern German SPG                       M48 post-war American MBT (used by German army)


             Opel Blitz - WW2 German truck                              Panzer III Ausf N - WW2 German tank    


UNIMOG 404 - Post war German truck                              MAN 8x8 mil gl 10T - Modern German truck


  Sherman M4A1(76)W. American WW2 tank.                          Pz38(t). German WW2 light tank.              


                      Tiger 1. German WW2 heavy tank.                    Tiger 2 (King tiger). German WW2 heavy tank.           


Maus. German WW2 super-heavy tank.                     Leopard 2 A4 / A5. Modern German tank.


M113. Armoured Personnel Carrier.                     Tpz Fuchs. Modern German APC.




Models under construction


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