Exact Z scale (1:220th) military models

K5 "Leopold" 280mm rail gun

A very accurate scale model of the German WW2 rail gun, of which 25 were built. One of these, "Anzio Annie", is now in the US at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (actually this gun was built from two captured guns, and has some parts missing). My model features the correct layout of 2 6-axle trucks, with outer couplers and buffers, a separately made ammunition carrier, a moveable gun barrel, moveable ammunition loader and many detailed stainless-steel etched parts. The model is as prototypical as possible, while still able to negotiate medium or tight radius curves. The model is 140mm long over the buffers. This is a museum quality model for serious collectors only!
See a video of the real thing (please note, footage after 1:48 shows a K5)

Take a tour of the model, click on any of the pictures below to see a larger view or mouseover for more information:
The complete model in Z (1:220) scale is 140mm long. This is a miniature work of art!
 Each model is hand built, painted and weathered. It is a true 1:220 scale replica.        The finer details are etched from stainless steel for strength. The handrails are only 0.3mm thick, yet strong enough for handling.
The 280mm gun in the travelling position. The handrails run the whole length of the body and follow the contour precisely.        The gun in a firing position (maximum elevation is over 60 degrees).
Both trucks have 6 axles each (Marklin blackened metal) and are fitted with Markin couplers and metal buffers. The trucks each have metal weights cast inside them to help give the model stability.        Steel ladders are very finely detailed. The front truck details includes the handbrake. The trucks swivel, and the model is capable of traversing Z scale curves.
The gun shows the cradle detail, including the stainless steel underframe. The recoil mechanism is also modelled.        Here you can see the moveable loading cradle and the ammunition trolley. The cradle is assembled from stainless steel.
Each model is sprayed using acrylic paints, then finish painted using oils, acrylics and printers inks.        The side ladders are made up of three separate metal sections.
The ammunition store (removable) features the crane used to lift the heavy shells onto the trolley.        The ammunition store has twin exhausts pipes, made from hardened steel. Mind your fingers!
The completed model shown on a display base.


Customer feedback

"All perfect, let me congratulate you for the construction of the model, it is fantastic and runs very well in my layouts."

"Heute sind die Modelle angekommen. Sie sind einfach wunderbar und super.
Ich bin total begeistert."