Exact Z scale (1:220th) military models

Panzerlok BR57 for BP42


This is the heart of the armoured train; the Panzerlok. These armoured locomotives powered the standard German armoured trains of WW2, the types BP42 and BP44.

The locomotive had a range of approx. 220 miles (360km) with two tenders. Weighing a maximum of 90 tonnes, the locomotive carried 25-27mm of sloped armour plating and gave the train a maximum speed of around 37mph (60km/h). Each tender carried 7 tonnes of coal and 16.5 tonnes of water and weighed a maximum of 53 tonnes including the armour plating.

My model of the locomotive is cast in a bronze / plastic mixture giving ideal weight and strength. The overall length of the locomotive and tenders is 127mm over the buffers.